Social Responsibility


We, at Jansons strongly believe that to develop a community, providing economic independence and life skills to its people is vital. That’s why, we recruit our workforce from rural areas and provide them on-site accommodation and all basic amenities. We equip them with life skills through periodical personality developments programs and in turn, create educated, skilled and contributing members of the community.

Employee-friendly workplace

Jansons workplace is designed to make employees feel at home, while providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. At Jansons, employees enjoy:

1. Employee welfare benefits.

2. Fair work life balance.

3. Hygienic and comfortable working conditions.

4. Comprehensive medical and nursing facilities.

Employee safety

Before induction, the employees are all well-taught and trained on the necessity and the mode of usage of various safety devices. Regular first aid and fire safety trainings are provided to all our employees. Periodical health check-ups, are organized for all employees and their families.

Safety devices provided for our employees:

1. Helmet, Safety Belt and Shoes for the employees working at relevant area.

2. Ear Plug and Ear Mask for those working at Generators, Compressor and at Weaving.

3. Safety Gloves and Apron for the workers handling Chemicals.

4. Goggles for those engaged in Welding.

Social transformation

We constantly drive social transformation through active projects that directly impact society. This is a student-led initiative that was kick-started in July 2010. Sambandh means "relationship" and this initiative includes inviting school students from rural areas to spend a day with JSBians at the JSB Campus. The activities planned and being carried out this year include:

1. Teaching English

2. Conducting Drawing Workshops

3. Conducting Sports Events

4. Gifting Books for the school libraries