Jansons Philosophy

‘Learn and grow’

At Jansons, our workmen get every possible chance to enhance their knowledge level. Since we believe in updating our technological and intellectual property regularly, the opportunity is limitless for you to learn. We offer periodical training programs as well as a progressive atmosphere for on the job learning for all who work for us.

With the help of our farsighted management, the group Jansons has been able to set higher benchmarks in our HR dealings. Everyone here is innately motivated to strive for and achieve innovative products and solutions, thanks to the energizing atmosphere.

For those dynamic individuals with a passion for constant and fast paced endeavour, Jansons is willing to offer motivation and thereby a right career path.

An ideal team member should have:

  • Ability to think on their feet
  • Adaptability to changing business trends
  • Team bonding skills
  • Desire to learn and grow along with the company
  • Ability to blend creativity with their work profile


Unity and hard work of our employees gets the credit of success in Jansons. Our humane and progressive HR policies inspire our workmen to grow along with us as they contribute their energy and imagination towards the growth of the group Jansons.

Working with us would benefit an individual intellectually and career wise, since we recognize and encourage true talents and sheer hard work. We guarantee trouble free work environment where there is every possibility for applying a new positive imagination of your own.

To ensure the development of our human resources, we do provide periodical training to our workmen which in turn help upgrade the intellectual property of the organization.

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