Jansons Health Care

‘For the love of life’

An absolute humanitarian initiative from Jansons group, Jansons Health aims to facilitate world-class healthcare services to people from all walks of life. The venture has state of the art diagnostic centers at significant cities of Tamilnadu such as Erode, Anthiyur and Karur. The centers are equipped with facilities like:

  • MRI
  • E.C.G.
  • CT scan
  • Blood pressure checkup
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Ambulance Services
in order to provide for the best and fastest healthcare possible.

The one in Erode, in particular, is a multi-specialty diagnostic center with highly advanced medical facilities like MRI scan, CT scan, Color Doppler, ultra sound, mammography, ECG / treadmill test, Echo Doppler, OPG / dental X-ray, X-ray 500 MA, Tele-Medicine, and a lot more.

What is godly about Jansons health is that its services are provided for incredibly nominal charges. A pet project of the founder T S Natarajan, Jansons Health offers two specialty schemes for the people to meet with the increasing medical bills. Under this, up to five people in a family can register their name to avail a Jansons Medicare card and enjoy a wide range of healthcare services at reasonable rates.

One scheme, namely Blue Book Services allows the card holder and his family to get discounts on medical checkups at our diagnostic centers. They can also make use of our 24-hr fully equipped ambulance service at a reduced rate. The second scheme, Green Book Services gives the card holder and family discounts on purchasing products from shops that have partnered with Jansons.