T S Natarajan – Chairman

An achiever with a humanitarian outlook, there are a few visionaries like T S Natarajan who conceptualized Jansons. The group is indebted to the path-breaking visionary for nurturing it with innovative business ideas, while planting it safe in the hearts of the customers.

Natarajan started off his career as a Sanitary Inspector with the government in 1954 and continued to serve the state for a decade. The urge to do something intentionally different made him quit the job and start pursuing his entrepreneurial dream.

His business instincts and ability to take calculated risks were visible right from his younger days. In 1964, he entered into business initially partnering with his siblings. Quit and established his own concern with his sons and named it Jansons.

What followed was but the answer to his hard work and persistence, which still guides the group. Thanks to his stint with the health department, the group was able to diversify into the field of medical diagnostics later on.

With his infectious enthusiasm and amazing energy levels Natarajan continues to motivate Jansons to change the world for better.