About Us

‘The long story in short’

Jansons group operates in five business sectors: Textile, Granite, Retail, Healthcare, Education. Its companies export products and services to 40 countries. It has been an incredible journey for a venture with a humble beginning. Started off as a modest textile unit in 1983, Jansons today stands as an industrial conglomerate with a wide range of super quality products and services.

Founded by T S Natarajan a former government employee, he worked as sanitary inspector and quit his job with a passion to cloth the world. In 1983 when his sons T N Kalaimani and T N Thirukumar joined him and formed the name Jansons. Their innovative ideas and dynamic work ethics catapulted the venture to dream-like heights. The credit of making Jansons such a trustworthy household name surely goes to its founder.

Soon the group’s first yarn sizing unit was set up. Diligent in following the market pulse, the group introduced AmbikaLungis- the first polyester lungi brand launched from South India. The wear gave the company a breakthrough among the working class of that time and then Jansons launched its first flagship product stain guard dothis, this is what fixed the name Jansons in the nation’s heart.

The period of 1990s and after witnessed the group entering and proving itself in diversified business fields like granite polishing. By then Jansons had established itself as the premier textile brand in South India. In 2002, Jansons Healthcare – a top-notch medical diagnosis unit was launched. The very year, another service oriented venture – Jansons School Of Business (JSB) got opened. Today JSB is one of the most sought after B-schools that create business brains of highest caliber. Upgrading of technical education was the group’s next mission and in 2009 a world-class engineering college – Jansons Institute of Technology (JIT) was born.

Today, world class machinery and foolproof manufacturing method has woven fame to the name Jansons Textiles. An amazing range of products are being produced here with emphasis on topmost quality and comfort. Institutional sale is also one of our specialty service areas.. Jansons has an extensive retail network with over 6000 retailers throughout the country. Apart from this Jansons also partners and supplies products to top retailers like IKEA, Walmart, Muji, Wilko  and etc.

Jansons promoters believe in returning to the society they serve. They have formed a philanthropic trusts that have created Institutions For Science and Technology, social studies and the performing arts. The trusts also provide aid and assistance to non-government organizations working in the areas of education, healthcare and livelihoods.Jansons companies also extend social welfare activities to communities around their industrial units.The credit of making Jansons such a trustworthy household name surely goes to its founder. Thanks to the unfailing policies

Going forward, Jansons is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in India and internationally. Anchored in India and wedded to traditional values and strong ethics, Jansons companies are building businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of stakeholders, employees and civil society.