Jansons Textiles has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with cutting edge facilities that very few other companies can boast of. The production unit consists of an enviable range of indigenous and imported machinery that is capable of weaving and processing tens of thousands of meters of fabric every single day.

Preparatory process

Two ultra-modern machines – Benninger and Ambica – make the process of warping and sizing unbelievably easy. The importance of these machines can be understood from the fact that the company actually believes that these two machines lay the foundation of its infrastructural facilities.

Weaving process

The weaving process is taken care of by the highly advanced Sulzer PU153 Looms. The machine, known for its unmatched weaving capacity, is capable of producing the greige fabrics in regular, designer, and innovative weaves.

Singeing process

A comprehensive range of P.L.C. controlled OSTHOFF machines are used for the singeing process. These machines are known for their ability to give soft handle and add a luster feel to the fabrics.

Mercerizing process

Jansons Textiles uses a complete range of microprocessor controlled KUSTERS machines for mercerizing. These machines make the fabrics softer, glossier, and more tensile.

Dyeing process

An automated KUSTERS dye padder with dye kitchen is used to dye the fabrics. The machine produces a vibrant range of colors and makes the fabrics look incredibly beautiful.

Printing process

A set of auto rotary, flat bed printing machines which are capable of creating floral to blotch printing is used for the process. The machine has eight to twelve color options, which helps produce fabrics in vibrant colors. An in-house designing and screen making studio with latest computer facilities and a team of experienced designers work relentlessly to create new designs and make fabrics look fashionable and trendy.

Polymerizing process

A highly advanced, auto controlled polymerizing machine is used to fix designs and prints and to give depth and gloss to printed fabrics. The machine also plays a vital role in polymerization of specialty chemicals.

Stentering process

An auto controlled, MONTEX STENTER & PADMANGLE, complete with a set of BIANCO weft straighteners, is used for the process. The machine provides a rich finish to fabrics and sets the ergonomics of the fabrics with great precision and incredible speed.

Drying process

The drying process is taken care of by the highly advanced tech pad mangle and drying range. The machine plays an important role in facilitating specialty and additive finishes that match international standards and meet institutional specifications.

Soft Flow Dyeing process

Suitable for dyeing a wide range of fabric in rope form. Both light and heavy fabric can be
processed easily with any fabric distortion by necessary arrangement. The fabric is
processed very gently without tension and slippage.

Yarn Dyeing process

Yarn dyeing is used to create interesting checks, stripes, and plaids with different-colored yarns in the weaving process. In yarn dyeing penetrates the fibers in the core of the yarn. In package dyeing, spools of yarn are stacked on perforated rods in a rack and immersed in a tank where dye is then forced outward from the rods under pressure