At Jansons, we are promit that none of our actions harm the natural environment. We make use of most modern technologies and secure effluent treatment process to ensure eco-friendly production process in all our manufacturing units. In order to achieve optimum energy efficiency we depend on latest systems and procedures in our manufacturing processes.

A better and greener environment is always our aim. We make use of ETP plants to clean, recover and reuse water and chemicals from biological decay, and thereby ensure that natural wealth is preserved to an extent.

As for the working environment we provide, we insist that it must be healthy enough to inspire our employees to better their productivity and thereby their career graph.

Better Cotton Initiative

We are a part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which is a non-profit organization that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 24 countries. The initiative now represents around 12% of global cotton production worldwide.

Wind Energy

Our goal is to reach 100% by 2022, thus reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Recycling and reuse of water

100% of water used in our factories is purified and recycled with the help of a state of the art Sewage Treatment Plant.

Rain Water Harvesting

Fresh drinking water is pumped straight from the ground and purified using RO plants.

Health Care and safety

Regular first aid and fire safety trainings are provided to all our employees.

Periodical health checkups, are organized for all employees and their families.